New Mosaic Moments Artists!

022Last weekend, I taught several new ladies the art of Mosaic Moments at a fund-raiser crop for the Oakland County Fair.

They did so well on their first pages, I thought I should share a few …




She learned to incorporate patterned paper in this one.



She added adorable glittery stickers of farm animals to this one!



This one still needs journaling and a title, but she’s off to a great start! We didn’t even have the guide to help cut the photos … yet she managed not to cut anyone’s face.



Don’t you love that she included a map on this one?


Can you believe these are their very first pages!! Amazing!

I taught several other people, but forgot to get photos of their pages (sorry, ladies).

The Mosaic Moments system is so easy to learn and the results are fantastic.

Contact me for a lesson, today!


6 thoughts on “New Mosaic Moments Artists!

  1. Candy, they did a wonderful job! They had a great teacher too!! I’d like to see them build a portfolio of pages to submit for next years Design Team…there’s potential there!! Great job ladies…keep it up!

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